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My favorite Anki addons

A list of anki plugins I like. This list is in no particular order. I use anki primarily for my studies of computer science. For more detail check the official pages of the plugins @ AnkiWeb.

  • DrawingPad: Simple drawing tool made by a good friend of mine. Useful for highlighting stuff in pictures, e.g. screenshot of lecture slides. Note that you have to select an image before editing it. (Code: 370778248)
  • Syntax Highlighting for Code: Pretty code snippets in anki. Supports many languages and looks good on mobile, since formating is done in HTML. (Code: 1972239816)
  • ReMemorize Rescheduler: Reschedule cards to a specific date or x days form now. Very useful before exams. I use this plugin in combination with a countdown of days to an on my desktop. (Code: 323586997)
  • Mini Format Pack: Simple Way to add simple formating, like bullet points. You maybe want to change the shortcuts. (Code: 295889520)
  • Review Heatmap: A github style activity grid. Purely for motivational purposes. (Code: 1771074083)
  • Spelling Police: spell check for anki. It’s great especially when doing a lot of manual card creation in shared decks. Setup is not strait forward so make sure to read their instructions. (Code: 1410276506)