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Debugging the Technical Interview

This is the second part of my adoption of …ing the technical interview. A blog series by Aphyr about writing programs in funny, non-standard ways. Again this is a writeup of a CTF challenge I created. Specifically, the dive in the lake challenge of LakeCTF, organized by the CTF of EPFL polygl0ts. Since, the last technical interview in Java was apparently not enough to get me hired as a performance engineer, I need to go to the binary level.

Handling the Technical Interview

I really like the blog series …ing the technical interview from Aphyr. Besides the humor, I enjoy seeing Turing completeness in parts of systems that many people use but that were not designed to write entire programs in. Jeg snakker lite norsk and I can’t write anything as funny as the original. But I write CTF challenges from time to time. CTF reverse engineering challenges are the perfect place for implementing such weird things and getting the joy of many people trying to figure it out.